Anubis God of Death music

May 6, 2011

Anubis God of Death music

Anubis was actually looked at as a God of Death. He was the one who took care of dead when they had passed. Anubis was the one in charge of mummification of the dead and to guard the diseased. Though, this of course, is the interpretation given by Ancient Egyptian cultureunlike now, Anubis is assumed to do and be so many different things.

This is an original song from Recording Artist, Gale Revilla from her "Pharaohs 3" CD Album. This is only one song from the CD and not a compilation of songs. Her Pharaohs Collection Series which comprises of 3 albums has given her, 2 Awards and 2 Award Nominations. The music was composed and performed on the Yamaha Tyros 2. The art was added to give you something to look at while you listen to her song. This is the Full Length Song.


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