The most important ancient Egypt books3/10

May 16, 2011

The most important ancient Egypt books3/10

After many hard days of search and research for most important and unique information included in ancient Egypt available books we found only 10 books we can tell you that we trust this will be helpful and trustable to reading in

Myth and Symbol in Ancient Egypt

This book is not intented as a general public introduction to the religion of ancient Egypt and that's why many newcomers in Egyptology became dissapointed or were at a lost. The speech of the author is not easy to follow if one is not well embebed into the ancient system of thought. None the less, there are plentiful of original research in this book that I should recommend it to anyone who wants to get deeper into Egyptian mythology.

Clark did touch on a good amount of details that were interesting and helpful about the religion of ancient egypt, I had a problem with his writing style. It can get convoluted and unclear at times, going back and forth frequently on a topic, and cutting to the next idea rather bluntly. 

In other words, he'll be talking about a specific subject and all of a sudden, the next paragraph will be on something new with hardly any transition, much less a smooth one. The first few chapters are the worst "mumbo-jumbo," which can make it a little hard and frustrating to get into the book (something any author would want to avoid, I'm sure). I realize the religion itself is one of the most complicated religions, but I'm convinced there has to be a better/ simpler way to explain its myths to beginners. However, if you don't mind re-reading some things and taking notes, the book should be a good addition to your reading list, but ONLY as an addition.


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